How to create a VIRAL list-building machine that attracts highly motivated floods of traffic on autopilot.

...The result of over five years of careful study, a masters degree thesis, and a 100% track record of success every single time it's been applied in my business. And now, I've finally boiled it all down into a simple turnkey viral marketing software and training solution called Wildfire.

Wildfire is a brand new, highly leveraged way to explode your traffic and leads that's…

  • Much Better than SEO

  • Much Cheaper than PPC (it's free :)

  • Produces Higher Conversion Rates

  • ...All taking almost zero time investment to implement

Imagine if you could...

  • Recruit an army of rabid customers willing to spread the word about your business FOR YOU
  • That was willing to: blog about you, tweet about you, make videos about you, digg,stumble upon, write press releases, create web properties for you, or even doarticle marketing FOR YOU, happily, on your behalf?
  • Have your SEO link-building is covered, your PPC is covered, your social media,blogging, and article marketing is covered...all in ways FAR more effective than any individual can achieve by themselves, or with a team, or even with a highly trained affiliate army.

When you leverage the power of viral marketing to do all these things, you have a tremendous advantage. Here are more ways Wildfire helps your business...

TEN Ways Wildfire helps your business explode

  • Set up a "Pay With a Tweet"campaign.

  • Let your visitors easily spread your lead-generation campaign across their entire social network, using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and their Email Address Book.

  • Create point-based social contests,
    rewarding people for blogging, tweeting, posting YouTube videos, etc.

  • Run a Facebook driven viral contest: (Build a Facebook fan page contest that skyrocket your likes and follows through a giveaway contest)
  • Set up and run a viral affiliate campaign (instantly turning all of customers into highly motivated affiliates).

  • Launch a viral membership site, releasing content only when they recruit other people.

  • Run a Viral Ebook launch.

  • Mix and match campaign types.

  • Connect it inside your software using our robust API.
  • ...or almost any custom campaign you can dream up!

Why Viral Marketing?

  • It's easy to do.  If you can send an email you can set up a winning campaign.

  • Works incredibly fast.  Install on your site in seconds, send out a status update, and watch the traffic and leads skyrocket...creating a positive feedback loop back on itself, accelerating your growth and making it unstoppable.

  • Represents the absolute highest form of leverage:  Tapping into the most powerful form of marketing (word of mouth) in the world!

  • It's a force-multiplier…meaning it will never REDUCE results, only MULTIPLY win every single time

  • Produces the most qualified form of traffic (that's pre-qualified, highly motivated friends of friends, there because of a friends recommendation)

  • Engagement: By nature of people engaging with your brand and referring their friends, their committing themselves to YOU…the net result? Deep relationships, rabid customers, representing higher CTRs, more word of mouth, more traffic, and a positive feedback loop that perpetuates itself, feeding on itself, making your traffic starts to speed up, with sales growing exponentially right alongside it!

  • Works in ANY niche, Any business, any Website…even as an affiliate.

  • One of the only true "set and forget" technologies

  • Best part is that it can be the best way to free up more time to spend with your family (and isn't that what it's all about?)

SiteSuit Works!

Viral Marketing implemented correctly will instantly turn your websites, your blogs, your business into a turnkey, explosive list-building machine that creates non-stop traffic floods for you on autopilot.  

Here are a few recent results of my own… 

Viral Tweets: In 2009, on the day of Obama's inauguration, using a simple "pay with a tweet" viral strategy, my partner and I built an entire business off of a single tweet! An almost 6 figure business with ZERO work, ZERO marketing (other than our 'tweet'), over TEN THOUSAND twitter followers, and a rabid list of 20k+ double-optin email addresses.  
One tweet + Highly leveraged technology - Work = Big Business!

TwitClicks: In Deceber, 2008, I built a small URL shortner service just to "test out viral marketing:" It quickly, within weeks ballooned to over 75,000 visitors per month site and kept growing until my server finally buckled under the pressure. 

Again, zero work, no blog posts, no affiliates, nothing.

The "JV Attraction Formula…" (an info product). In less than a week, we grossed over $100,000! Doing so by leveraging OTHERS to 


do all of the IM work for us. In the tight time-frame we were forced into, we incentivized just a few viral messengers to generate over 880,000 blog posts, squidoo lenses, press releases, etc. netting us TONS of traffic, leads, and a 6 figure product launch. 

Little work, MONSTER results!

VoicePress wordpress plugin
This was a "side" project of mine.   Using a simple "pay with a tweet" campaign, thousands of people downloaded it in the first 7 days, building me a ferociously "RABID" list (a nice side effect of viral marketing), and multiple blog write-ups. Once again, all in all, less than one eight-hour-day of work…and that's INCLUDING creating the software!

So, the question on your mind is...

So right now the main question on your mind is probably…

"How Much?"

Well, let me ask you…

"What would you expect to pay for comprehensive training plus a 'do-it-for-you' software that will FINALLY get you the traffic, leads, and sales you need to be successful online?"

But before you answer that question, I want you to consider this…
Wildfire is not just some ebook or some tell-a-friend script…it's way WAY more than that.
It's a 10-module multi-media training program that covers BASIC and ADVANCED Viral Marketing strategies…and includes the "push-button" technology that will build everything FOR YOU PLUS provide pre-built viral landing pages (which is the secret sauce of viral campaigns).
Also, it's the only way you'll get ONE-ON-ONE access to me to help you shape a successful campaign. But that's not all.

You'll learn… 

  • How to determine BEFOREHAND if your product will go viral

  • How to write "MUST-SPREAD-NOW" viral copy, which most people get this wrong. I'll share my best examples

  • Stackable Viral Campaigns and Double Viral Feedback Loops (Viral campaigns that feed off each other)

  • Viral Psychology

  • How to track and improve your Viral Coefficient (the critical number that determines how viral your campaign is)

  • How to make your affiliate campaigns hyper-viral (this alone is worth more than the program)

  • I'll give you my easy 3 minute landing page that work… (I'll throw in my best examples)

  • Then, we'll build and walk through a complete winning viral campaign step-by-step so you'll see the complete process in slow motion.

  • Reverse-engineer insanely viral promotions (including my own)

  • Plus, I'll cover TONS of bonus materials…Q&A's, viral expansion loops, perpetual viral advertisements, tools, checklists, and more.

  • New viral campaigns added regularly as I get user feedback

  • Most importantly: The push-button, zero-learning-curve software to make it all happen in three minutes or less

  • Wildfire is a LIVING software and training program. That means, you'll get free updates…Q&A sessions, supplemental training videos, new landing page and templates for 12 full months!

  • A coaching webinar series
    One-on-one private access to me (I'll look at your campaigns and help you diagnose and improve them), where I'll answer every question personally (often in video format)

  • Multiple campaign types through the software...with more coming all the time
    Entrance to the mastermind network (so we can push the boundries and mutually benefit together)

  • One-click access to "proven" Facebook Landing Pages to turn your facebook fan pages hyper-viral

So again…

"What would you expect to pay for a program like this?"

$2000 (I've seen far lesser programs sell for even more.)?

$1000 (the software alone is worth at least this)?

$500 (it would be a steal at this price)?

Again, I want to make the barrier as low as possible and to let EVERYONE ultimately have access to this technology. So that's why I've decided to offer Wildfire for…

Just two payments of $97

(You’ll be taken to our secure order form and in 
about 3 minutes you’ll receive your login information via email)

Are you ready to get the upper hand?

With this training, and like everything else I do, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you don't LOVE it, I'll insist you take your money back. (But I know that will be the LAST thing you want to do once you get started with Wildfire viral marketing).

In fact, I'm willing to step it up even further. I've seen first-hand how well Wildfire works to produce real results in any business. I'm so convinced that it will multiply your traffic and subscribers that I'm going to make an incredible offer you simply can't refuse...

Sign up for Wildfire, and create a campaign for your site.

Give it an honest try, and if it doesn't increase the amount of visitors and subscribers to your web site by at least 300%, email me or call my office within 30 days and receive a complete refund...

...or show me exactly how you've attempted to use the software according to my instructions (including screenshots) and that it has still failed to produce 300% more visitors I'll personally help you fix it until it works, and if it still doesn't work, I'll give you a refund, no questions asked! 

 To get INSTANT ACCESS to Wildfire click on the yellow button below right now. You'll be taken to our secure order form and in about 3 minutes you'll receive your login information…

So for just $97 today, you get instant access to the complete Wildfire software and training program. Then in 30 days, you will be charged your final $97 payment.
But by being a part of my "initial" community of 50, I'll also include these SUBSTANTIAL bonuses:

  • Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing (over 43 videos and 15 hours of IM 101 material…my best traffic tactics, and salesmanship strategies)

  • My JVGenie Affiliate Getting Software (This has sold successfully for as much as $2000)…and when you combine this with a Wildfire viral campaign, it's literally game over!

  • Unreleased Seminar "The Viral Tweets Launch: How we built a business on a single tweet"

  • Unreleased Seminar "How to get over 100k monthly visitors using viral marketing" presented live at an IM meet-up last year.

  • Unreleased Market Research Software (which I pretty much can't talk about right now)

Only taking 50!
(no joke, 50 is all I can handle right now)

Now Just to Warn You…

will close this offer, unannounced, as soon as 50 copies are sold. The reason I'm doing this is as much as I want to help as many people as possible, in this first go, I plan to be intimately involved in the success of each campaign to learn and generate case studies…and 50 is about all I can handle. 

 So, don't risk it! It's also the only time you'll ever get it at such a no-brainer deal

As simple as it sounds, a source of word of mouth, viral traffic is the #1 thing currently separating you from success…and Wildfire fills that need!

In fact, I believe that Viral Marketing will eventually be how the VAST majority of businesses grow online…

So what does all that mean right now for average folks like us?

Simple…less competition.

But it won't be this good forever…

That's why it's so essential for you to TAKE ACTION right now!
 Wishing you the best in Success,
 Kyle Graham
PS: As simple as it sounds, a source of word of mouth, viral traffic is the #1 thing currently separating you from success…and Wildfire fills that need!

PPS: This is a limited offer and the next time you come here this page may very well say "CLOSED" and you will be shut out. I don't want that to happen to you. You've worked too hard…so take the final step to success. The software is guaranteed and the training is guaranteed, so get started today.

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